Madeleine Vionnet: The Master of the Bias Cut and Architect of Modern Femininity
While Vionnet’s name may not be as instantly recognisable as that of Coco Chanel or Christian Dior, her impact on the world of fashion is undeniable. Known as the “Queen of the Bias Cut,” Vionnet revolutionised women’s fashion during the 1920s and 1930s
The Cardigan Chronicles: A Cozy Couture Tale from Wales to Chanel
A garment destined to journey through the annals of time, captivating the hearts of poets, fashion connoisseurs, and trendsetters alike. Behold the captivating chronicle of the cardigan—a narrative spun with the threads of warmth, cleverness, and enchantment.
Maria Grazia Chiuri: The Feminist Force Behind Dior
Maria Grazia Chiuri, breaking barriers as Dior’s inaugural female creative director in its 77-year history, has become an unstoppable powerhouse in the fashion world since 2016.
Diana Vreeland: The Unstoppable Force of Fashion Who Broke All The Rules
Diana Vreeland, as the pioneering female fashion editor, revolutionised the industry and fashion journalism with her bold ideas, determination, and unique outlook.
Digital Clothing: The Future of Fashion or a Passing Trend?
Will digital clothing become the future of fashion or is it just a passing fad?
The Aussie Autumn Edit: 7 Essential Wardrobe Items You Need This Season
Amidst vibrant autumn foliage and cinnamon-apple scents, a chic woman in a toffee blazer and matching ensemble inspired my quest for a wardrobe upgrade.
For The Love of Denim: The Fashion Essential That Never Fades Away
Denim; a fad or a way of life? Let’s discuss why denim has stood the test of time…
A Beginner’s Guide to Finding Your Personal Style
Are you feeling stuck in a sartorial time capsule? Are you yearning for a change in your wardrobe, but unsure where to start? Perhaps you find yourself confused about your personal style?
A Beginner’s Guide: How to Mix Prints Like a Pro
Fashion is all about taking risks and experimenting with different styles, but one trend that can be intimidating to master is mixing and matching patterns and prints.
How to: Mastering the Business Casual Outfit
Business casual: The love child between business professional and casual wear. But it’s not as easy as throwing on a pair of jeans and a t-shirt, nor is it about sticking to the old-fashioned suit and tie.
The Best Vintage & Pre-Loved Clothing Stores on Instagram
As fashion becomes more and more fast-paced and disposable, there’s been a resurgence of interest in vintage and pre-loved clothing.
Street Style Secrets: How to Wear an Oversized Shirt
Are you tired of bland, form-fitting clothes that leave you feeling suffocated and uninspired? Then it’s time to embrace this must-have wardrobe staple: The oversized shirt
Street Style Secrets: Mastering the Oversized Blazer
Don’t let its classic, professional reputation fool you - a well-chosen blazer can elevate any outfit to the next level, here are our top 6 tips for choosing and wearing a blazer.
The Ultimate Momiform: Wardrobe Staples for the Busy & Cool Mum
The journey from pregnancy to breastfeeding and beyond may bring some physical changes, but it shouldn’t limit our personal style
Say ‘I Do’ to the Perfect Dress: Must-Have Wedding Guest Dresses
Feeling like a hot mess trying to find the perfect wedding guest dress? Fear not we’ve scoured the depths of the internet and rounded up the top 9 wedding guest dress styles to ensure you’re the most stylish guest in the room.
Where Are They Now? Australian Fashion Labels: Sass & Bide
Sass & Bide, the beloved 2000s Australian label known for their signature aesthetic of low-rise bootleg jeans, ‘rats’ leggings, and eye-catching embellishments, was once at the forefront of the fashion world.
Finding Your Sunglasses Soulmate: Matching Your Face Shape to the Perfect Sunglasses
Like any good relationship, finding the perfect pair of sunglasses is all about compatibility, so it’s important to choose a style that complements your features.
Exploring the Use Cases of Web3 in the Fashion Supply Chain
The fashion industry has long been in need of a revamp, and with the advent of Web3 technology, it appears that the revolution is finally here.
Step Up Your Style Game: 5 Ways to Make a Statement with Socks
Socks: the unsung heroes of our wardrobe. Often overlooked, but always present. But why settle for bland and boring when you can make a statement with your socks?
Mastering The Mini Skirt: Millennial Edition
“Oh no I can’t wear that, I’m too old now” or “I’m a mum now I have to dress appropriately” - sound familiar?
Evaluating Sustainable Fabrics: How to Shop with Confidence
Sustainable fashion is an ever-growing topic, but it can be overwhelming to navigate all the different factors that contribute to a garment’s impact on the environment.
The Rise of Resale: What We’re Buying in 2023
Vintage is back, baby! And we’re not just talking about your grandma’s dusty old handbags. Gen Z and Millennial fashion lovers are on a mission to snag those one-of-a-kind, archival pieces - and the demand is higher than ever before!
Wearable Runway Trends: Looks You Can Rock Right Now
Fashion is always changing and evolving, so it’s no surprise that the biggest luxury fashion trends for 2023 are already emerging
Upgrade Your Sneaker Game: The Top 9 Must-Have Sneakers You Need Now
Sneakers have long been a staple in the world of fashion, but in recent years, designer sneakers have taken the spotlight. These bad boys have been making their way from the streets to the runway, and it’s no secret why…